Everyday walk gives us many ideas. But it always confuse us whether it will work or not? Now.. don’t worry..Come to us.. we will understand your idea..refine it as per your taste and background. and suggest “in principle”, whether a particular idea will work commercially or not !. Once you agree with our suggestion, we will make additions to make it “Concept”.

Market Research

We have team of experts. We undertake market research across India. The marketability of a particular concept is further refined with proper on ground market research. This gives us concrete recommendation whether to proceed with concept commercially.

IPR Registration

Once client accept our recommendation to go with the concept commercially, we strongly recommend you get all the related IPR(Intellectual Property Rights) registered. IPR means Trade Name, Trade Mark, Patent, Process etc. we have team of experts who perform this activity for our clients.

Business Plan

Simultaneous with IPR registration, we start making business plan. This covers making planning of required resources for converting the concept in commercial venture. This covers in detail working of flow of resources for business activities i.e. manufacturing, marketing, finance, HR, machines , working/factory premises, raw material etc.

Project Report

This covers detailed financial projections for the next 5 years. This is required for raising funds.

System Designing

This is essentially a software development required for the enterprise. We design systems based on which the software is developed for smooth running of the enterprise using all its resources optimally. (ERP)

Project designing

We have teams architects and engineers who based on business plan design the infrastructure i.e. civil construction, structural design and floor plan for installations of machines etc.