Privacy & Confidentiality

Policy on privacy and confidentiality

One of the biggest concerns in the present information technology era is protection of confidential and personal information that is collected and disseminated. Vyaas understands the importance of such protection. We are committed to protect business and personal information of a confidential nature obtained from customers, associates and employees. Every employee/Director of Vyaas and its subsidiaries, affiliates, sister concerns, associates, franchisees and selling agents shall ensure compliance with all aspects of this policy. “Confidential Information” includes all trade related information, trade secrets, confidential and privileged information, customer information, employee related information, strategies, administration, research in connection with Vyaas and commercial, legal, scientific, technical data that are either provided to or made available to the employee by the company to facilitate his work or that the employee is able to know or has obtained access by virtue of his employment or position with the company.


Vyaas and it’s employees shall,

1. Disclose confidential information only to those persons who are authorized to receive such information and that too only on ‘need to know’ basis. When confidential information is required to be disclosed to a person who is not an employee of Vyaas, bind such information with confidentiality agreements.

2. Limit access to confidential information and keep it in your safe custody under lock and key. Ensure that you or your colleagues do not tamper with or deface or destroy or reveal or share or make copies of confidential information.

3. Not use any confidential information other than, as may be necessary in the performance of your responsibilities and fulfillment of your duties towards Vyaas.

4. Not use any confidential information for the benefit of any current or future competitor, supplier or customer of Vyaas, whether by our employee or through any subsequent employer or any other person or entity.

5. Provide customers the details regarding Vyaas privacy policy and practices, the types of information being collected and used, and security for the information.

6. Respect the privacy of your colleagues, associates and customers. Do not access or use any personal or confidential information without their express permission.