Media Policy

Media Policy

Media Policy To facilitate the achievement of our vision, apart from achieving our business plans, it is necessary to communicate our achievements and plans in the most effective manner through the media to our stakeholders and to the community at large in which we operate. Our aim is to encourage and foster effective communications through the media and to create and maintain Vyaas’s public profile in order to attract Customers, employees, business partners, franchisees and investors. In this context it is very important to have a basic policy governing our relation with the media and strategies we adopt in interacting with media. This policy is important not only from the context of evolving and maintaining an effective relationship with the media but also for legally safeguarding the information released to the media.


Vyaas shall compete only in an ethical and legitimate manner. It will avoid all such actions that are anti competitive or otherwise contrary to the laws that govern competitive practices in the market. As Vyaas’s business interests are spread across various jurisdictions, Vyaas is committed to comply with the relevant competition laws of all such jurisdictions. This means that, Vyaas and it’s employees shall,

1. All statements to the media shall be true and fair.

2. All public statements, interviews and/or comments to the media or other public forums about the company’s plans, policies, activities or position on any issue should only be made by authorized person. The person who is authorized would have received communication in this regard. Each business division shall have person, who is authorized to speak to media on identified subjects.

3. All forward looking statements, material information not previously released and any statement having impact on investors shall be released only after the approval of the Corporate Communication department.

4. Corporate communication department is responsible for clearing all press releases and statements before release to the media.

5. Wide publicity shall be given to all press release/media meet events and such events shall be opened to all.

6. Check facts and figures before making a statement or releasing material to media.

7. All forward looking statements to be identified as such, and a cautionary statement to be attached.

8. Obtain prior permission of any customer, vendor, business partner, franchisee or any one else to whom reference is being made.

9. Do not disclose any confidential information. Do not disclose any thing that you would not want to be quoted.

10. Direct any request for information from the media to the authorized person of a business division or to corporate communication department.

11. Authorize persons responsible for interacting with the media and identify areas in which they are authorized to comment.