Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We at Vyaas take environmental issues on priority. In fact we are involved in environment friendly business and believe that all in Vyaas are environment conscious and contribute to preserving nature as well as danger proofing our own respective work areas. All of us are responsible for conducting safe and environmentally sound operations. Fundamentally, this is in the interest of our own and other’s quality of life.


1. Be aware of and comply with all applicable environment protection health and safety laws.

2. Consider the potential impact of activities, products and services of Vyaas on human health and the environment. Take necessary measures over and above legal requirements to reduce such impact i.e. smoking in common areas.

3. Conduct all operations in an environment friendly and sustainable manner. Avoid wastage of energy and natural resources, implement waste management procedures.

4. Enhance image and market share by meeting and executing customer environmental expectations.

5. Identify and eliminate unsafe work practices. Report to the management and record any accident or near misses, even though it is minor in nature.

6. Limit liabilities by reducing risk and improving cost control.

7. Conduct periodical medical check ups for all employees.

8. Promptly address any safety or environmental concern raised by any employee, regulatory authority or others.