Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy The term “Conflict of interest”, pertains to situations in which financial or personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising our judgments of professional activities. We therefore not take up any activity that would lead to conflict of interest or encourage any relationship where we might be required to compromise on Vyaas’s best interests.

What constitute conflict of interest? A conflict of interest exists where the interests or benefits of one person or entity conflict with the interest or benefits of the Company.


1. When you are in employment of Vyaas, you are expected to devote your full attention to the business interest of Vyaas. You are prohibited from engaging in any activity that interferes with your performance or responsibilities to Vyaas or it otherwise in conflict with or prejudicial to Vyaas.

2. Our employees are prohibited from accepting simultaneous employment with Vyaas supplier, customer, developer, or competitor, or from taking part in any activity that enhances or supports a competitor’s position.

3. Each employee must disclose to Vyaas any interest that he have, that may conflict with the business of Vyaas.

4. It is conflict of interest to serve as a director any company that competes with Vyaas. Any Director, who wants to serve as a director of supplier, customer, developer, or any other business partner or related parties of such entities, should take prior permission from Vyaas before accepting such directorship.

5. If you are considering investing in a Vyaas’s customer, supplier or competitor, or in related parties of such entities, you must take great care to ensure that these investments do not compromise your responsibilities to Vyaas.

6. If at all such investments or involvement is not avoidable, you must fully disclose the nature of transaction to Vyaas’s Chief Finance Officer.

7. Then, after complying with all the relevant regulatory disclosures, the CFO, should take the prior approval from Vyaas’s board of Directors.