Competition Policy

Policy on Competition

Vyaas operates in a highly competitive market place. As a part of Vyaas team, we all come in contact with competition in some way or the other at market place, whether through our friends, who work in those companies or through vying for customers. In today’s market, merit is becoming the only differentiator and hence, we must do unto to others and what would have them do unto us.


Vyaas shall compete only in an ethical and legitimate manner. It will avoid all such actions that are anti competitive or otherwise contrary to the laws that govern competitive practices in the market. As Vyaas’s business interests are spread across various jurisdictions, Vyaas is committed to comply with the relevant competition laws of all such jurisdictions. This means that, Vyaas and it’s employees shall,

1. Not indulge in or encourage, trade practices, which illegally prevent or distort competition.

2. Not enter into agreements, discussions with competitors, such as sales prices, marketing strategies, market shares and allocation of market, territories, supply and sources or customers.

3. Not enter into agreement with competitors that affect prices and constitute illegal price fixing, prohibited under the Competition laws.

4. Not initiate or encourage boycotts of specific products or services or arbitrary refusal of dealing with designated customers or suppliers.

5. Not enter in to agreements or arrangement in restraint of trade, prices, quality of products or services.

6. Not, in any manner, to monopolize any part of trade or commerce by controlling the supply of a product or service with the intention to control its price or to exclude competitors from the market.

7. Not conduct themselves in such a manner that it is perceived as Industrial espionage or commercial bribery.

8. Not conduct them in such manner that it is perceived as “fixing” or “rigging” bids on any competitive sales or purchases.

9. Not agree with any of its customers on the latter’s resale price by controlling customers prices through threats or other forms of coercion or impose any territorial restriction on its customers or bind the customers by exclusivity etc.

10. Not denigrate competitors and their products, and only with care and prudence, make fair and factually based comparisons on attributes such as price and performance.

11. Not improperly seek competitor’s information.

12. Never induce customers through illegal or unethical means to give business to Vyaas.

13. Never present false or misleading facts disparaging the goods, services or trade of a competitor.

14. Always consult the legal counsel of the concerned business division, when entering in to joint ventures, marketing and distributorship agreements, bundling of goods and services, acquiring new product, technology, brand or business,

15. While recruiting a person who has worked for a competitor, we have to ensure that, He/She does not disclose any information regarding the competitor’s marketing strategies, systems or processes, manufacturing techniques or any such information that the competitor treat as “trade secret”.

16. We should not in any way be responsible for any disclosure of any of the competitor’s “trade secret” by the employee or threaten retribution if not disclosed.

17. Ensure that franchisees or selling agents do not participate in illegal practices with regard to Vyaas’s product, sale or services.

18. Ensure that franchisees or selling agents selling Vyaas’s product or services, enter into any accepted practices like bundling of products, discounts on market price, free gifts etc. with the express permission of Vyaas.

19. Never encourage an employee to disclose confidential information that is associated with his previous employment. Also create awareness that any such disclosure of confidential information shall be at the cost and consequence of the disclosing employee and Vyaas shall not in any manner be responsible for that.