Business Relationship

Policy on Business Relationship

As we are planning to go global, we are required to interact and transact with variety of business organizations and governments and even international organizations in different states of different Countries. Corporate integrity is the foundation of our business code of conduct. By maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity through open, honest and fair dealings, we earn trust for our products, services and eventually ourselves from all the stakeholders and every person we come in contact with. Besides the obvious moral aspect of this policy, the bottom line is that it also makes business sense. The world today is moving towards ethical business practices, whether it is our Customer, Investor, Supplier, Employees or any other stakeholders. Everyone is looking for dependability and protection of their interests, hence honesty is not only the best policy but it is the best business policy.


  1. The quality of our products and the efficiency of our services at the most competitive prices is our greatest tool of marketing. Profits do not justify unfair/unethical business tactics. We will avoid giving and receiving bribes, money or its worth to or from any third party including government employee in order to influence factors favourably or secure business or other interests against the provisions of the law.However, very modest gifts, with a value not exceeding Rs. 1500/- or equivalent currency, appropriate to give in normal course of business practice may be acceptable if they meet the following criteria,
    • They are in consistent with accepted business practices.
    • They do not violate applicable law.
    • They can not be reasonably construed as payment or consideration for influencing or rewarding a particular decision or action.
    • The public disclosure of such payment would not embarrass Vyaas.

  2. To Comply with all legal and contractual obligations in dealing with all third parties.
  3. To Select suppliers always based on merits, price, quality and performance.
  4. Giving, Gifting, accepting of any article, meals, entertainment to or from dignitaries, scholars, educationalists, or any other person that Vyaas may invite or visit for the purpose of a conference, discourse or lecture held at it’s behest, shall be done only upon receiving prior approval from the management of Vyaas.
  5. However, even if Vyaas has specified to the contrary, the employees shall be allowed to accept promotional discounts offered by transportation companies, hotels, auto rentals agencies and restaurants if they are based upon membership in bonus programmes for individuals and are generally offered to the travelers.
  6. Vyaas shall allow, depending upon the fact and circumstances of each case, lawful reimbursement of reasonable and bonafide expenditures, for example travel and living expenses incurred by any third party directly related to the promotion of products and services.
  7. Never contribute without the prior approval of the management of Vyaas, any fund or other assets belonging to Vyaas for political purpose in any territory or country.