Advertisement Policy

Advertisement Policy

Vyaas acknowledges that advertising is an essential instrument for effective brand building and communicating with the consumers. In accordance with Vyaas’s corporate philosophy, it is necessary to ensure that all advertisements of the company’s products and services are done ethically and in a legitimate manner.


1. Comply with all laws, regulations and statutory requirements.

2. Advertising must not misrepresent or be likely to mislead the consumer, as to the character, quantity, composition or safety of the products advertised.

3. Adverting must not unfairly disparage the products or services of competitors.

4. Advertising should be in good taste and should not be offensive to the sense of decency of the average person.

5. Be accurate and truthful in all dealings with customers and accurately represent products and services.

6. Protect all trademarks, brand names and other proprietary material of the company.

7. Do not infringe any third party intellectual property.

8. Do not use any name, symbol or emblems prohibited by the Emblems and Names( Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 or any relevant law.

9. Exercise good judgment and avoid any statements or implications likely to foster ridicule of race, religion, nationality, creed or sex. Also avoid political connotations in advertisements.