About Us

Vyaas Technology Pvt. Ltd

Vyaas Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is a Pune (India) based company engaged in Software Development, Support and Training. From ancient time India is a land for source of Knowledge, Spirituality, Sacrifice, and Beautiful flowery Nature. Its rich traditions always have shown the path of peace and brother hood to the world. We always think that knowledge should not be limited to one country or one community. It’s for all. Entire mankind should be the beneficiary of the knowledge. Our ancient Gurus were leaders in this field and one of the Guru is Acharya (Teacher) Shri. VED VYAAS. This knowledge was then transferred by GURU – SHISHYA tradition till today. Due to the Yoga power, we Indians can sit hours together at one place without even food and do research. This capacity makes Indians different than the rest of the world. Hence India is becoming Superpower in software technology.
Presently also we have great GURUS like Mr. Narayan Murthy, of Infosys Technologies and Mr. Azim Premji of Wipro. Inspired by the thoughts of these two great personalities, Ms. Vidya B. Somani, an Engineering student from MIT Pune, decided to do some thing in this field. She put her proposal in front of her father Mr. B.B.Somani, who is a CEO of one Computer Peripheral and Consumables manufacturing company. Being in the similar line of business, he supported her proposal and provided all necessary support and infrastructure. Ms. Vidya, also got the guidance from her elder sister Ms. Anuradha Somani, who is Management Graduate form MIT Pune itself. Encouraged with the overwhelming support form family members, Ms. Vidya and Ms. Anuradha decided to form a software company. Here she decided to follow the same pattern followed by Mr. Narayan Murthy and his team which they followed in their initial years. Mr. Narayan Murthy took six to seven colleagues with him and formed a dedicated cadre, who thereafter have created the history in the corporate India and Software world. Inspired by this example, Ms. Vidya and Ms. Anuradha have decided to form a core team of 10 members which would be founder pillars of the company. Accordingly they started interviewing suitable candidates for the same. In this process in the first instance she appointed Mr. Yogesh Gadiya, a Software Engineer, to whom she explained the concept and he also showed enthusiasm towards the project. Later on Ms. Vidya, along with Mr. Yogesh, appointed three more Engineers i.e. Ms. Aslesha, Ms. Pradnya and Ms. Safiya. All three have also shown the same enthusiasm as Mr. Yogesh has shown earlier. Now these all students and technocrats have decided to form a company. It was further decided that the name of the company should be initial word of the name of these five members. Accordingly the name “VYAAS” has been decided. This is explained as under,

V: Vidya, Knowledge, Vision.

Y: Yogesh, Lord of Spirituality, Yoga.

A: Anuradha, Symbol of Sacrifice.

A: Aslesha, Symbol of Beauty.

S: Safiya, Flowery.